Wednesday, April 16, 2008

First Class In The College ^.^

I had my first class in my college last friday... Sorry cause I am quite busy settling my stuff and only now I can have a chance to tell u all bout my first class in my college... My first class was a pastry class with Chef Shaari. Well, we were ask to bake a butter cake during the class. We were given a recipe of the butter cake and also the icing.
Here is the recipe :

Butter Cake
: unsalted butter - 200g
: 4 eggs
: 1 Lemon
: soft flour - 200g
: vanilla Essence - 0.005 Lt
: Sugar - 160g
: Baking Powder - half tea spoon

: unsalted butter - 200g
: 1 egg
: 1 egg yolk
: Vanilla Essence - 0.005 Lt
: Sugar - 160g
: water - 0.060 Lt

If u feel something wrong with the recipe...its simply means that u r normal cause everyone did felt the same thing... Its the r we gonna measure the 0.060Lt ?!?!?! Anyway, we manage to solve it...dun ask how! I cant answer u... LoL ...

Okay, first is to bake a butter cake... so we follow all the steps in the recipe...and the result of the cake was not bad...and its taste good too... lets see the picture.

Its looks nice, isn't it??? Its the first cake I ever bake in my life...Quite impressed for the first time...wakakakakaka....Its taste was as good as its dun worry...haha....

Next, was the icing. As baking the cake, we also follow all the steps in the recipe...but...its doesn't turns up to be as good as the cake. U will noe when u see the picture of the icing...

Ya ya...I noe its looks more like scramble eggs more than an icing...but wat to do... anyway,nvm...almost everyone had the same icing as I had.

In the pastry class, I am really enjoyed the whole process...baking, cooling and also laughing when saw the icing...Its really a wonderful experience. Dun worry, I believe I can do it better next time... Haha...
Its already late tonight, so lets call it a day...Tmr I nid to wake up early and go for my first restaurant practical class. Wish me luck, okay??? Sayonara ~~~

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