Sunday, April 27, 2008

When Childish Attack !!!

Yesterday was a sunny day but its turns into a bad day when Manchester United defeated to Chelsea. It was the late penalty cause ManU need to fight hard so tht they can win the title this year...its all because......ARGHHH...stop the crap!!! Not going to talk bout the match anymore !!! Well, I went out to 1U yesterday around 4o'clock with my friends. We not going there for shopping but just to hang around since we have nothing to do. Then we went to Toys"R"us. Wondering why we went there since we r so old??? Its because one of my friend, Andrina wanted to buy a Disney Edition Monopoly. Its her dream to own one of it. Perhaps, tht monopoly is the most expensive monopoly I ever played. And of cause there is more expensive one lar... After tht, we went to Asian Cafe to watch football match, then went to play pool. We went back at 12.15am. After bath and everything settle down, we play our monopoly game. We play until 4am in the morning and guess who is the winner??? I AM THE WINNER !!! First winner...wakakakakaka... Okay, let see the pictures I took...

The Box of Monopoly [Looks Interesting]

The Game Board

The Money !!!

The Pieces
Top row [Ratatuile, Mr. Incredible, Buzz LightYear, Sulley(Monster Inc)]
Second row [Nemo, Cars]

Traffic Corn, House and Dices

My piece...Sulley from Monster I.N.C

Thats all for today, I might post bout my college orientation night in my next post...c ya next time...

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