Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dream World Comics

At last I got the time to post bout the place I worked in KL...Ya, I know its kinda late...I means VERY VERY late... I worked there before Chinese New Year and now already 2 months passes...Anyway, I dun care bout the date !!!

Well, the shop name is Dream World Comics and I sure u guys can guess wat my work all about...In the shop, we provide Comics books and novels....not for sale but for rent back home or read on the spot... Only members can rent the book back home or read in the shop...non-members are just allow to read in the shop and of cause they had to pay first...

We using member system in the shop which means members not going to pay by cash, no matter wat book they rent or read, we jz reduct their money from the member's account...and when their money reach a certain limit den they have to reload it by putting more money in the account...

Seats for those who wan to read in the shop ~~~

Girl's comics section ~~~

Boy's comics section ~~~

Novel section ~~~

Map ~~~

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