Friday, March 28, 2008

~*~ Redang 3 days 2 nights Trip ~*~

Few days ago, I went to Redang Island with my friends. It was a 3 days 2 nights trip. We have total of 13 person in the trip. Well, we stayed at Redang Reef Resort which belongs to one of my friend's father. Okay, stop crapping!!! Let's jump to the day number one (Short form=First day) =.=

Day 1, 24th March 2008
Early in the morning, I went to fetch Li huey at Chung Hwa Wei Sin primary school around 7.10am which I suppose to be there by 7am(over slept mah...wat to do...watched Arsenal lose to Chelsea, ManU back on top..Yeah !!!) Den I left my car at my shop and ride on Andrina's car for breakfast at HappyLand (Of Cause No PeterPan) After breakfast we rush back to Andrina's House because everyone had already been waiting at her house and the van gonna pick us up at her house by 8.30am... Guess what happen next ? I vomited!!! Its all because of Yiwen for driving so crazy and I was so full(Fat mah...sure eat a lot lar...) at the end...I become the joke of the day...Okay,lets fast foward...We reached jetty after 45 minutes of journey in the van. We get into the boat 20minutes later...its take around 45 mins - 1 hours to reach Redang Island. We reach Redang around 11.30am. After we put our bags and everything in the room, we had our lunch at the dining hall. Then, we collected money from everyone to rent mask and life jacket for snorkeling. Since there were some of us never experience how to use mask before, we were giving a small briefing about how to use the mask. They gonna bring us to snorkeling at 2pm. After hour of "training", all my friends follow the group and gone for snorkeling. I not going to snorkeling during the first day as well as Andrina and YiWen too...coz 3 of us were really tired. They came back around 4.30pm...and its time for high-tea...we have donut and red-bean soup for high-tea... After high-tea, we all bathed and went to a walk around Redang Island... we back around 6.30pm to have our dinner... At night around 9pm, some of us went to bar to sing some songs and drink some beers...then we went to find the blue sand at the sore around 10pm. Everyone was aso excited to see the beautiful blue sand. Bright blue color sand. Around 11pm, we went to Redang Beach Resort to eat our supper...after that, we went back to our room and have a nice/sweet/wonderful/fantastic and bla bla bla dream....



Our Boat~~~

In Dat Boat ~~~

Day 2, 25th March 2008
We woke up around 8am in the morning to have our breakfast before going to snorkeling at Marine Park at 9.30am. I not planning to go but since I already promised some of my friends that i will follow them to snorkeling today, I move my fat ass on the boat and headed to Marine Park. The wave was really big on that day...and the boat was "flying" high while its hit the wave all the way to Marine Park as well as on the way back to our resort... we back to resort around 12pm and we had our lunch straight as all of us were starving... There were another snorkeling section but we not going because we were tired and the wave were still big... So we just having fun at the sea sore... Instead of building sand castle, we build sand man !!! And I am the main character...why ??? Because I gonna been bury under the sand...ALIVE !!!! Dun worry...of cause my head will stay above the surface or else I wont be posting this post... Its take about half an hour to finish the sand man... Then after finish have fun, we went to had our high-tea... After high-tea we went to play wave at the sore infront of the Redang Laguna Resort... A lots of people playing too... At first it was fun but soon I get boring...haha... Lets cut it short and proceed to the night... After dinner, few of us gether around to prepare our secret plan...wat was the plan ??? Its a secret birthday celebration plan for our friend, Li Huey. And to make the birthday more fun, I brought along my magic candle...Hahaha....Evil plan... We light up the candle and gv the birthday girl a surprise by taking a birthday cake and everyone start singing birthday song... After she make her wish, she blow the candle...and now the thing starting to gone weird...the candle light up itself again...she blow again...and the candle light up again and again and again...and she was tired blowing the last the candle blow out... Around 11pm, we went to walk around the beach...we walk to the Redang Bay Resort where there is a Disco party going on... we watch them dance like crazy man... We went back to our resort around 1am...

Turtle ~


Operation SandMan !!!

Beautiful Scenery ~~~

Day 3, 26th March 2008
We planning to wake up at 4.30am to see the sunrise but at the end only two of our friends make it...That is Ah Choon and Li Huey... The rest wake up at 8.30am. Included me of cause... After finish our breakfast, we packed our things and wait for our boat to fetch us back... We feel like staying for another days cause its was really relaxing and fun for the past two days...
~~~Home Sweet Home~~~

~*~ Group Photo ~*~

Li Huey and Mr.Turtle

Beautiful Scenery ~


@$% Fantastic Four %$@

Yi Wen ~~~

Esther ~~~

Li Huey ~~~

Group Photo~~~

Group Photo at Marine Park ~~~

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