Monday, March 10, 2008

~*~*~ Time Flies ~*~*~

Humm.... Time wait for nobody... Its true... After three month(almost lar) of playtime, finally the time is arrived... Time to decide wat will happen in our(SPM's candidates) future... Two more days to go and the result will be out... No matter wat result I going to get, I will accept it coz I believe I already did my best and gv the best effort for it... So my friends out there, I wish u all will get the result tht u all always wan it to be...GoOd LuCk Everyone... 12th March 2008, Wednesday the day of hopes, joy,happiness OR disappointment, sadness and all kind of feelings will mix together like rojak(Kinda Malay's dish)... Lame joke, huh???

P/S: Already 5 days I din find u, Dear... Miss you.....Haiz...dunno how after u go NS....

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