Thursday, April 17, 2008

Typhoid Injection !!!

Ya ya ya, Typhoid injection... This injection is to prevent hand food and mouth disease... Its compulsory for all culinary art and hospitality students. The injection start at 2.30pm and should be done by 4.30pm. Remember I said I had a restaurant practical today in my previous post??? My practical ends at 1.15pm and I went to took my free meal vouchers at the reception. After I took my vouchers, I went to play pool with my friends to wait for the injection time to come.

Ting Tong !!! Its 2.30pm, so all of us hurried to the Multipurpose Hall at Annexe where the injection took place. After a few minutes of briefing on where to register ourself and pay the money, we Q-up and wait for our turns. Its took almost 1hours and 15minutes to register and make our payment...And we nid another 45minutes to line-up and get our injection. SO ITS TOTAL OF TWO HOURS TO FINISH THE WHOLE THING!!!!!!!!!

This the pictures we took during waiting for our turns...

"People Mountain, People Sea" The Whole hall is so full of people !!!

Line-up to get their shot ~

Picture during Q-up [Kiddo v Sam]

Another picture during the Q-up [Kiddo]

Still Not our turns yet !!!

So, just took another picture [Kiddo v June]

At last ! My turns !!! Ya, I noe I looks funny in the picture, but I am really nervous... Even thought the injection wasn't pain. Well, Sam...I am not shouting bcoz of the pain, I shout jz as a joke!!! LOL...Anyways, I dun mind...

Credit to Sam for the photos he took with his camera.

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