Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I feel like blogging~

Out of sudden when I playing my facebook watever it is... I feel like adding something in my blog but I dunno wat to put... So sad~ Let check my picture folder and see what I can post on~

Humm... I hv an individual folder to keep everything for my blog... In the folder I hv sub-folder which I label them by college term. I in term 5 now and comparing the 5 sub-folder from term1 to term5... I felt like why the pictures in the folder are getting lesser and lesser~ The only reason I can think of is maybe we spend lesser time with each other from term to term. Things change as well as people.

Oh gosh~ I become an emo-kia lately~ Very emo sometime and I think I need a vacation to somewhere near beach and out of the city~ I shld start planning now~ Langkawi gonna be my best choice now since Redang is unavailable now~

Anyways~ Good night everyone~

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