Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Its 2.30am in the morning now... and i got class later at 9am... went to sunway jz now at 11.30pm... to celebrate my friend's birthday

We bought her a Baskin Robin ice-cream cake. Chocolate favour... her favourite favour (As well as mine too) After 20 minute of chit-chating she and yenwei back to their home.. while the rest of us went for a pool game at one of the place name The Pool Room right beside Bar Celona... No no... I ain't a clubbing kaki~ In fact I nvr been there bfor... Well... I do wish to go there at least once so tht I can know wat actually the club really looks like... In the Pool Room... I get myself a bottle of Carlsberg.. not my favourite beer but they sell only Calrsberg... I wondering why they dun hv Heinekein? Anyways.. I writing this entry jz bcoz I wan to wait my hair to dry up bfor I sleep...not good sleeping with wet hair (but I did tht sometimes).

Ok... that all i think... see u all in my next post~ Bonne Nuit / Good Night~

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