Monday, May 18, 2009

Can't Sleep~

Its been few nights... I was not able to sleep even my eyes was hanging half way... even I rolled for hours on my bed... I been thinking too much... too much... There are a lot of things in my mind... something that I would rather keep it to myself... something that I wouldn't share as it's not mean to be shared. I am suffering... from the sleepless night, migraines... to all those unnecessary thought. I am stress... I'm EMO... but in front of everyone, I am just a guy who always put a smile on his face eventhough its look real fake... But who cares... I, even myself won't give a damn of it...

Let me emo~

Cut it off!!!!

Holy crap!

Buy a waterproof pillow~

U hv a great imagination~

Thank you~

Hope u like it~



Only if you know who you are and how often I think of you

P/S : Maybe I should ask Andrina to knock my head with the baseball bat till I faint so that I can sleep~


lolipop said...

lol....tai lou....
u noe smtimes talkin 2ppl actually helps.....don keep everything 2urself! ! ! ! NOT HEALTHY! ! !
0k! ! !juz noe tht u hav a lot of ppl who cares bout u everywhere round u,k.....
n b happy =D lov ya oh tai lou! ! my big bro..hehe,.... smile..=)

Steven said...

i know why sudah few nights u couldn't sleep liao. i know why sudah few nights u kept rolling on ur bed for hours liao. i know i know.

because i'm not sharing with u a room mah!! HAHAHA!! kns.. emo mnape gok.. ak tgoh stress gok skrg nih.. mnatang came back from Sunway liao everyday and night buat maths until now. i'm going crazy soon )= next week will be physics week @__@ hopefully this fortnight cepat2 lalu lah..

eh no need emo d. think of something or someone that or who will make ur smile. when u smiled when thinking of it or him or her, then keep smiling, don't stop. lol! heng and sam's bday coming d ma. take some time out to chill ;)

till i cya again, TAKE CARE YOU EMO FREAK LOL!