Friday, May 8, 2009

Stupid Email

Whatever u gonna read after this sentence will be not suitable for underage children cause of the use vulgar language and full of negative thought. So do not hesitate to skip this post as this post is written by the writer under a very bad mood.

I believe most of us whoever have email will receive a lot of forwarded email from friends or unknown sometimes. If an email is forwarded in the way to share jokes or some funny pictures that's fine... but some immature, stupid, fuck ass, brainless, idiot just so damn LOVE to forward emailsssssssssssss that curse others mother, father, grandparent, whole family, lover and everything that they THINK will make u forwarded tht email as well...Come on man... how old r u to believe such a ridiculous forwarded email?

To all those asshole, plz go to the hospital and ask for a brain surgeon to remove ur brain from ur head and stuck it inside ur fucking butt since u guys are so damn fucking LIKE to think using ur butt full of SHIT!!

I writing this because I just receive one email that cursing ppl who delete the email will hv his/her whole family killed in 7 days, if forward, his/her lover will fall to him/her and if not forwarded his/her mother will die in an car accident in 50 days. To u who forwarded the email to me who I dunno whether u read this or not, u are damn fucking immature, brainless bastard who jz got ur brain stuck inside u fucking ass! Sorry to u because u are so just unlucky to forwarded the wrong email at the wrong time to me. FUCK YOU!!!

P/S: I hate to been so stress!!! I am fucking stress now!


christina_san said...

hahahaha.. cheer up larh... but I do agree with you that those who keeps on forwarding are kinda bad and immature for they are indirectly cursing the other person =.= hahaha.. just ignore them will do larh... dont so lou hei laa... later not cute dy XD =P

C.Kiddo said...

Haha~ I am fine right now... jz kinda over stress last few days deu to some college stuff~