Thursday, June 4, 2009


1 year ago, we as the Terengganu-ains were so proud of the new stadium that had been built. All the latest facilities that had been built in Terengganu for the SUKMA 08. We were so proud of it. Let have a look at the looks of the Stadium one year ago.

Magnificent outlook

Beautiful internal design

After 1 year, ......................................................

Hmmm~ Speechless......

So many fingers rise up and searching for the one to blame. But who to blame? Those who rise up their fingers or those who been pointed? After what had happened in Perak, now Terengganu turns... Whats next? Who know? God know, Goverment know, those People know but we never know.

I am proud to be Malaysian but what am I so proud of? Speaking more than 3 languages and almost forgot my own language?

Imagine one day as I walk down to the street and people ask me

People A : Hey man, where u come from?
Me : Terengganu.
People A : Har? Terengganu? Where it is?
Me : U know Pulau Redang?
People A : No...
Me : How about Pulau Perhentian or Pulau Kapas?
People A : Not at all...
Me : Then I guess u might know about the biggest written stone (Batu Bersurat) put in the middle of the round about.
People A : What is that?
Me : Ok... fine... The state where a stadium built for only one year and then collapsed.
People A : OHhhh!!!! I know where it is!!!

Haiz~ Malaysia Memang Boleh...

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christina_san said...

LOL.. i like the conversation.. hahahaha..
but most ppl duno where's KT one. they only know Redang =.= swt!!