Monday, October 27, 2008


What u guy about to read the the longest post I wrote without pictures in between. It might sound bored to some of u but its all are my priceless memories. Enjoy the reading...

Happy Birthday to You~~
Happy Birthday to You~~~
Happy Birthday to ChungKiddo.blogspot~~~
Happy Birthday to You~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I suppose to celebrate my blog's birthday one week ago... but somehow I jz forgot bout it... So I replace it today... 5 more post its gonna be my 100th post... So what? 100th post brings nothing to me... I gonna do something different~~~ Talking bout my blog... Actually I was influence by my friend, Steven to start my own blog. I never though of blogging can bring so much fun to me. Seriously, blogging is now part of my life... My very first entry was on 19th October 2007, 12.15am in the morning. The first reason I create blog during tht time was bcoz I wanted to share some experiences during my trip to Taiwan. As what I said in my second entry. Through out this one year... I wrote a lot in my blog..Basically all are my personal experiences with my families and friends. This is why I name my blog as Kiddo's Life Experiences.

SPM was jz around the corner when I created my blog.. When we talk bout SPM means our secondary school life was about to come to an end. Honestly, I love my secondary school. A lots of memories... The best was LCDS Summer Camp 2007. 3day and 2nights at Perhentian Island. I enjoy myself a lot during the camp. LCDS is the best club for me and I believe every member in the club will feel so too. Last year was really up and down for me. Start with down, I lost my father in early April. He was really a great father. If not becoz of him, I wont be where I be today. Thank you, Dad.. Okay, proceed to up... I successfully organized a football tournament for LCDS and my team [UnderGround FC] won the tournament after 3 years of hard work. Even I was not playing for my team, I still proud of them. Then I join LCDS summer camp as part of the committee member. Tht camp was really fun. Then SPM trial exam was here. I pass the trail with 5 A's and my average pointer make me qualified for the Graduation Ceremony. Went to the graduation with my friends.. Then was the LCDS Annual Dinner, my last annual dinner with the club. Perform a song on tht night with my partner, Priyaa. After tht went to Taiwan to have a relaxing Hari Raya holiday with my family. Came back to face SPM. During the SPM weeks, I enjoy a lots of fun time with my friends. Yes, even during SPM, we still can enjoy ourself. Finish our SPM and we for a holiday trip during Christmas. I celebrate my first Christmas Eve at Bukit Bintang. Then came back from KL... Know this girl who is a friend of mine. After sometime, I fall on her and I start going after her.. And we start our relationship. Then I went to KL to work for my cousin who jz open a book store which u can see here. Then back to KT to celebrate CNY. Spent a lots of time with family and friends. Celebrated my first Valentine during Feb. Get my SPM's result on 12th March 2008. Manage to score 4 A's. Headed to KL the next day to register myself to Taylor's School Of Hospitality and Tourism. Then back to KT and went for a trip at Redang Island. Then went to KL for orientation week at Taylor's. Started a college family on Labour's Day. Then she dumb me alone during the time I need her the most jz bcoz she wan to concentrate in her study. I let her go as she wish. I dun blame her for her selfishness but I blame myself for loving a wrong person. Finish Term1... Went to Redang again with college's friends during the holiday. Came back and continue my 2nd Term. Had a wonderful term, get to know a new lecturer who gv a lots of stressful and yet Fun assigment, Mr.Adrian. Finish my term 2 with slightly some improvement in my result. Jz started my Term 3... And I realize things started to be tougher and tougher. Till today, honestly I am really tired but I enjoy every single process through out the time.

The most enjoyable time in my life was the time between After I finish my SPM till I started my college life. Those days were the days with joy and fun. Without worries. Without stress..

It's late now... I shall end my post now... Good Night and Sweet Dream everyone~~~

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