Thursday, October 30, 2008

A New Face, A New Life

Currently, I am working on a project name 'A New Face, A New Life' with my group-mates and also another 2 groups, group 5 and group 6. This project had been planned since last term which means bout 2months back. A lots of things happened till today... wat I can say is our project is like going through a road with full of holessssssssss........ Everyone in the group are in heavy stress... 46 of us working on a project with bad news coming again and again, so misunderstanding between members are very common. Sometime I really sad when I heard something tht I think very un-responsible. This particular guy, who in-charge in buying things for games came to me jz now.
He ask : ' eh, u buy the stuff for the games ady ar?'
Den I was like :'Har? Wat stuff???'
He said : ' I tot u suppose to buy the things for the games...'
I told him : ' No... U the one who in-charge of it... and u noe wat to buy... u should buy the stuff not me!'

The things I try to say here, I dun means tht I pushing away the job. He in charge of tht things and he suppose to gv full responsible on it. I noe I am the Finance leader, but it does not means tht I'm the one who suppose to go around and buy all the stuff u guys need!! If u nid my help to go along with u guys to buy the stuff, jz tell me.. And I'm willing to help. But not to push everything to me. Well, I not here jz to talk bout him only... I wan to tell everyone of u.. please be responsible on wat u do... Dun jz said 'I dunno' and leave all the sh*t behind and walk by like nobody business.

Every single department play an important role in the project. There is no such things tht tell any particular department play the most important role. I understand tht everyone is in heavy stress but at least everyone of u try to control yourself. Please make things clear before u start firing anyone. Hurting someone who are innocent is real bad things. Cooperation between departments are very important.

I am not here to offence anyone of u from any group. I am here to ask u all to gv full cooperation. U might think this project is nothing for u but maybe it means something to somebody. So if I ever offence anyone of u from wat I wrote above.. I am sorry...

Honestly, I am really tired.....Please... I AM REALLY TIRED!!!!!!!!!!! T.T


Steven said...

A good way to grow up. I believe everyone within the groups will be able to benefit out of the whole project thingy. It's just a part of the game - your game =D

m J said...

yo..chillax..everything will go well when da day comes..=)

C.Kiddo said...

Thank you steve and M J... Hopefully everything will gone smooth...