Thursday, October 16, 2008

Genting Trip~

Last post I told ya bout I'm going to Genting Highland with few of my friends. 7 of us, me, yen wei, yew, celes, henry, ryan and jackie. We meet up at 1 Utama bus station. We bought ticket then take a about 30-40 minutes ride in the bus and we reach Genting Cable car station. Next, I know u all can guess wat happen dy rite? so I not going talk much nd let pictures tell the story...

>>> Celes, Me and Yen Wei while waiting for the Pirate Ship.

~ Me and Yen Wei ~ [Forgot when she took this picture>.<]

Narnia !!! O.0

Yen wei and Me [With the LION !!!]

>>> Celes, Me and Yen Wei

Back : Henry and Jackie
Side : Ryan and Me
Centre : Yen Wei and Celes

We are CRAZY !!!!

So many fishes!!!

Spot the similarity???

All on BOARD~~~

We are so so so Energetics!!!

Happy Birthday Ryan~

And this picture marks the end of the trip~


JayceOoi said...

Hey, I missed out that Energizer buddy. :P

C.Kiddo said...

Haha... Well tht Energizer buddy located at a bad place... Very easy to miss out of sight...