Saturday, February 4, 2012

To be better or to be worst?

To be better or to be worst? The post is very subjective so it's up to you to decide what is good and what is bad after reading this post.

Foods are always the most important part of human life, in fact, it is the most basic need for human being. Looking into the foods trend nowadays, most of it are meats and fried stuff that interested most parties.

I'm a student specializing in culinary arts. So we basically need to learn a lot about foods and that's real bad/good. Cause there are facts that we will never want to(maybe you will want to) know for the rest of your life.

People always want better things in their life and also better foods. So there will be people coming out with idea to help improve the foods(quantity and quality) for those who wants it., simple rule of demand and supply. How they do it?
GMO- Genetically Modified Organism/Foods or Injection of hormones into chickens, cows and sheeps. All this are create to help to improve the quality and quantity of foods supply. Injection of hormones can help to fasten the growth of the chickens or cows so that they reach maturity in short time so that can be supply to the market. While GMO helps to improve the length of harvest, so that shorter time needed to harvest the products and more batches of products can be produce to supply to the market. GMO doesn't only help to improve the length of harvest but also have others benefits to the production. Find out more from Google.

Now the question is, where are the hormones goes? Pretty obvious that the hormones will eventually end up in a human body. And since the hormones able to fasten the growth of chickens and cows, there is possibility that it can help to fasten our growth/ maturity. If we are aware enough of the news around us, you might notice there are news somehow/indirectly can be related to this matter. Early maturity for young girls and boys, man boobs and other relevant stuff.

So things create are suppose to improve human life but it is true? It's all up to your own judgement. Have fun reading it.

I'm not here to promote vegetarianism or trying scare the shit out of you all but I just want to share what I know and what I learned. Simply because we human are built to survive not to die. So think of it a little bit, choose what you believe. Find out more information. Don't simply trust without facts.

There are more to be share, there are more to be known, there are more to find out, and there are more lies to cover up. 

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