Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fishing fishing fishing!!!!!!!!!!!

I am back to blogging~~~~~~~ Fishing fishing fishing~ nah~ this post not going to be my fishing trip thing~ but it have something to do with my fishing thing~ hehe~

Remember I said I gonna get myself a fishing rod? Yes~ I bought myself a fishing rod few days back during my offday~ with the help of my brother Sam~

I like the color of my rod seriously~ When I first saw the fishing rod~ I got the feeling like 'she' asking me to buy 'her'... Hahaha~ Damn, she such a beauty~ Alrite guys, I gonna show you my beauty now~

Hehe~ Beautiful rite?

A beauty will not be perfect by herself right? So~ I bought her a beautiful "jewel"~

Redish "Jewel"~

And when they got together~ They are so perfect~

This are some of the other stuffs such as weight, hooks and Y-stand and bla bla bla~~~

Its getting real late now~ I shall get on my bed now~ hehe~ Goodnight everyone~

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