Sunday, August 16, 2009


Last Friday was my off day and Joshua is in town again! So 2 of us went to fish again and this time he brought me to a new place. New for both of us... As we arrived there we saw a lot of fishermen were there... And in 1 minute time 2 or 3 of them caught fishes~ All in one time(almost lar)~
Without wasting anymore time we set up our equipment and start to fish~

After 2 hours, we got 0 fish~ then Josh decided to change another bait cause our bait seem not the fishes favourite. Then I change my bait and cast... after 10 minutes, my float sink!!! I caught my first FISH !!!!

Then after a while one uncle came to us and offer his bait since he leaving and teach us some method of using it, he even upsale his hook to us~ Josh said he saw one uncle use tht hook before and it quite good so we bought some from him. Tht uncle bait was really good~ Why? because I got another 3 fishes with his bait~ hahaha!!!

Tht amount sum up my catch of the day which in 4 FISHES!!!

4 Roohoos~~~

They are lovely~ haha!!! 2.5kg in total~

Fishing is really one of my favourite thing to do now~ but I still love football and futsal~

Shall see you in my next post~

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Steven said...

i suddenly text u that time.. tulah after 2 hrs suddenly u dapat ikan.. hehe