Monday, October 19, 2009

Dinner at Elcerdo, KL

Hello folks~ haha~ Just came back from a wonderful dinner at KL~ Went Elcerdo with Mervyn, E-jinn, Charlie and Kah Wai to hv our dinner~

Elcerdo is a restaurant that provide Spanish cuisine. The main item for the menu in the shop is pork. 90% of the menu items are pork. So for those pork lovers, this is a place that u surely don't want to miss out~

What we have for our dinner? Let the pictures tell u what we order~

This is our appetiser~ Jamon Serrano from Spain, Imported high quality dried ham serve with Rock Melon and Salad.

Next is our first main course~ Marinated Pork Shoulder Steak~

Then follow by the second main course~ I dunno wat pork ribs~ What I know is this course is a new item in the menu~

Last but not least~ The Einsbien~ Its a name for Pork Knucker~

For my beverage, I order a Fruity Red Sangria. Very fruity, and the taste of the spanish red wine are really good~

The price is quite expensive but the food is worth for the money~ After tonight dinner, I guess plates of sand will be my breakfast, lunch and dinner for the rest of the week~

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