Sunday, October 4, 2009

O.O !!!

OMG!!! It's been one whole week I did not touch my blog!!!! I kinda losing my inspiration to blog~ mostly because of my low internet connection which always take a long time to upload the pictures and to login to my account~

As my college started last Monday, I am back to college life~ On the Tuesday, we had our first restaurant practical class and it buffet service so basically nothing much to do beside clearing the dirty plate, check the food at the buffet line and serve drinks~ So we had our Applied Tech class before the serving class and during the AT class we learned about alcohol drink like beer, spirit and etc~ When we talk bout beer I asked Sam why not we go for some beer at Brussels after class. He say ok and we start asking whoever wan to join us~ So end of the day we had Evon, Joshua, Sam, Jessica, Nick, Charlie and me~ After class, we off to Brussels~

My purpose of going there is to try out some beers since Sam told me that they sell some beers that we hardly get in Malaysia~ I tried Hoegaarden and Stella~ I think Stella give me really good feel and I think I should dumb Heineken and go for Stella~ Hoegaarden is very smooth and rich in favour. Now I am really hoping for the next visit to the Brussels~


Stella Artois

Grilled Pork Tenderloin

Grilled Pork Tenderloin - the meat is grilled to perfect cook and still tender and juicy~ accompany with mashed potatoes and sauted vegetables~ 90% satisfaction and another 10% come when u take a sip of Stella Artois!

Beers are always the best thing to hv anywhere anytime~ When we fish we drink, when we eat we drink, when we play we drink and when we hv friends around WE DRINK!!!


See you~

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