Sunday, June 29, 2008

My HomeTown My Crazyness

Last Wednesday I went for a drink with my friends at Nibong Cafe~~ Its said to be a farewell gathering for 3 of my friends who leaving K.T to further their studies~ nothing much to said, let's Camwhore for memories~~~

The Gangiez~~

Me And Danica

Shi Hui and Me

Me and Suyen (He going to UTM)

Meachel, Me and Shi Hui

Meachel and Shi Hui (Ong's fingers behind...haha)

Steven, Suyen, Me, Tan and Ong~~~

We Are The 5 [Geeks]

Yesterday, I went to eat satay with few of my friends at Pantai Timur Satay... Its jz five of us but we order 70 stick of satayssssssss~~~ The waiter seem quite shock when we told him we want 70 stick of satay. Few minutes later, the Tauke came to ask us for confirmation bout the 70 stick of satay we ordered. Well, its really a lot coz mostly people will only order bout 30-40 stick of satay. Let the pictures show u the prove.


Satay Stick only left for me to take the pictures~~~

Ewen Eat a lot~~~

The 70 stick of Satay~~~

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