Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Am Back In K.T !!!!!!!!!!!

Last Saturday I reached my hometown around 8.45pm. Well...Blame stupid FireFly...Tht stupid agent booked the wrong flight for us...He booked flight from K.T to KL at 4.15pm. How could we fly back to KL since we already in KL?!?! Wat the hell! Luckily we can back to K.T on tht day...If not he gonna get some from us!!! Ok...Forgot bout unhappy things...
Right after I reach K.T, I went home to get my car which I din touch for 3 months!! Wat I do when I got my car??? I drove to Nibong Cafe~~~ Where I gonna meet my old friends there and hv some tea. I ordered Kue Teow pataya~~~ coz I ate only kfc chicken rice at 2 something tht day... So we chit chat all the nite and plan when we gonna hang out again~~~ The next day I went to played badminton with my juniors at grammar school badminton hall den around 6pm I went to pay football with my friends at Chung Hwa~~~ well, I am so tired coz I hv not been exercise for almost 3 weeks bcoz of some reason. Result, my muscle feel pain...my right leg and right arm coz I relied on my right arm and right leg for all the sport I play~~~
Yesterday, we went to swim at Andrina's house~~ but I din swim, jz sit aside and watch my friend swim~~~ Here some video I took~~~

BirdMan Ong~~~

Dunno who is him??? Check it here

Okay~~~ Enuf for today~~~ C u guy next time~~~

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