Saturday, June 21, 2008

Term Break!!!

Well...last two days or Last thursday to be specific...I finished my last exam at 10.20am and that the start of my holidays!!! Right after the exam...We [Sam, Geralyn, Yen Wei, Celes, Lisa and me] went to Sunway Piramid to skate. Yea...Skate...I means SKATE!!! Hahaha...Jz in case u all dun believe I actually go to skate...why??? My size perhaps~~~ Its my first time to skate... So we went there and meet up wif Josh, Evon and Mervyn before we went to buy our tickets. RM11 per entry with student ID. RM13 without student ID. Den extra RM8 for Glove and RM5 for sock. If u din have glove and will cost u about RM24 per entry. I paid RM19 for ticket and glove. I got my own sock of coz... We skate from 1 something to 6 something... And I fell down 4 times. Ok for a beginer like me... [P/S: My ass still pain~~~My legs too~~~]

Me and Mervyn~~~

Tiff, Mervyn and Me~~~

Me, Mervyn, Josh, Sam, Evon and Tiff at the back~~~ [I holding Mervyn coz I not really can balance myself, so do him as both of us were first in skating...]

After skate, we went to hv steamboat buffer somewhere near mentari court. I not sure the name of the shop. Coz I really dun care bout the name of shop...wat I care was my stomach..LOLxXx...
Well, bside eating...we got a plan~~~ A surprice plan for somebody~~~ Hehehe~~~ After we finish our meal...few of our friends prepare the main tools of the plan...A Chocolate Banana cake from secret recipe for our an advance birthday celebration for Celes. So all of us act nonsence to make sure she dun realise something going on (But I dun really feel it works...we are not forgive us) I went to check out how was the plan goes on...and at the end...I become a shield to block the wind so tht the candle light up...=.=!! Well, tht the benefit of being a 'big' guy. So tara~~~ we sang birthday song all the way to the table and she got surprice...Den she started to burst her tear off her eyes. Happy Birthday In Advance to U, Celes~~~ We love u~~ Hahaha... Den we sang the birthday song different languages...cantonese, mandarin, english and even malay~~~ Hahaha...

Fion, Geralyn and Andrew [I think tht suppose to be my hand or maybe Patrick]

Celes cried~~~cheer birthday girl~~~haha~~~

Yen Wei, Lisa[behind], Celes[Birthday Gal], Geralyn and Me~~~

Celes with her cake~~~

The Birthday Cake~~~

I am enjoying the cake!!! I like chocolate Banana~~~But it make me fatter [I JZ DUN GV A DAMN OF IT!!!]

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