Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Horse !!!

Today, I went to my Malay girl friend's house with 4 of my friend, Sean, Pratheeb, Ong and Ivan. She had invited us to her house to celebrate 'hari raya'. Her house was so far far away from the city. Its took us almost 30 minutes to get there. Her house was not really big but she have large land and she have two horses that her father bought from Argentina. After we finish our meal, we went out for a walk and took a look of her horses. We even took pictures with the horse.

'Go away from me !!!'

At first, this horse were quite shy and kept avoiding us. But after its realize that we were not trying to harm it, the horse went closer to us and lets us touched it. So we decided to took few photos with it.

'Say Chesssseeeeeeee......'

*Sniff**sniff* I am smell that bad ??? LOL...

This horse was really friendly. Its makes all 5 of us were so excited and happy.
Thats all for today....We went home at 6pm.

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