Monday, October 29, 2007

Player transfer contract ?!?!

Today, I accidentally found a picture that reminds me about a funny incident that happened last year. Last year was the time where we (UnderGround FC) were really active in playing football and also influence by the World Cup 2006. So there is a player (Suveen) from our nearest rival, Real FC wanted to join our team. I forgot how and why suddenly we come out with the idea of signing a contract with the manager of Real FC (Dave). So, they started to prepare the paper works. Until the day came, we successfully sign the contract and we took the picture of both sides manager (Me and Dave) shaking their hand while holding the contract.

ChungKiddo and Dave, holding the contract.

The copy of the contract.

But early of this year, Suveen had gone back to his own team because he felt more comfortable to play with his old team.

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Jack said...

deym man..i miss dave lah.bahaha