Tuesday, October 23, 2007

McDonald In Terengganu !!!

Yeee Haaaaaa..........At last, after years of waiting, McDonald had finally opened it first branch in Terengganu. So, I decided to pay a visit to this new McDonald. Together with two of my friend Steven and Sean, we went there with my car. We arrived there around 9.30pm and guess what we saw ?????

Those people are actually queue up until outside of the
McDonald !!!

Luckily, we saw one of our friend from SMK Chung Hwa Wei Sin who was standing in one of the lines. Since he was almost near to the counter, we took the chance by joining him. While waiting for his turns, I and Steven went to took some photo around the McDonald. And we found out something that quite unusual and interesting.

Have spot the interesting part ???
If you do not clear of it, perhaps the following pictures will make you clear

Can you spot the interesting part now ???
Yes, its the Arab words. What i trying to said here is this Arab words are quite special because we hardly found any McDonald with Arab words on the sign board and maybe this is what
makes Terengganu special than the others. Haha...
As we finished taking pictures, its our turns to order. We ordered an apple pie, a regular Coke, a double cheese burger plus add on and a Spicy Deluxe McChicken plus add on which cost us almost RM30.
After finished our meal, we went home.

On the way home, we saw a short incident happened that we felt very funny. Here a short video clip of the incident. Hope you enjoy it... Sorry for the funny dialog added by us...

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