Saturday, October 20, 2007

Trip To Taiwan !!!

Well, all my idea of creating my own blog come to me during the trip to Taiwan. The trip takes 6 days and 5 nights. Okay, lets start with my first day. Actually, nothing much i can write on first day.

Friday, early in the morning we (Me and my family) headed to airport at Terengganu (my hometown). After check-in and we got our boarding pass to our flight to Kuala Lumpur International Airport. We arrived at KLIA around 11am. Since everyone of us are hungry, we had our lunch at EDEN, a Chinese style restaurant. You can find it beside McDonald. After finish our meal, we wait for our tour guild to arrived. While we are waiting for our tour guild, we saw a group of Indians taking a Hindi movie in KLIA (I think it is local Hindi movie). Unlucky for me, I forgot to take pictures of it. Finally, our tour leader was here. After she help us to check-in and get our boarding pass, we went straight to the International flight terminal. Before that, we had to take a ride on the Aerotrain to get there.

here is the picture of Aerotrain station

At last, we get on our flight and headed to Taiwan. The flight took around 3 hours to reach Taipei International Airport. Its already 8.30pm when we arrived. Our tour leader was then took us to meet our Taiwan tour guide. After we put all our luggages on the bas, we went to have our dinner. Since the time was already late, we had no other choices except from going to our hotel and took a rest.

Day 2, a boring day in the whole journey. Why do I said so ? It is because we waste our one day just to go to a place which looks like a small village. And to get there, we have to ride on our bas for 7-8 hours. We stay in a small resort in the village. Everyone was so tired after few hours sitting in the bas, so we all just went to bed after dinner.

Third day, again after breakfast, we get on the bas and get back to Taipei. On the way back to Taipei, our bas stopped at place where we can see water fall and lets us took pictures of it.

Water Fall

After that, the same story begin. Again we sit in the bas for 6-7 hours before we finally arrived at Taipei. Whats next ?? Its time for shopping !! We went to Taipei 101 and started to shop. We had only 3 hours to shop, so without wasting anytime everyone started to buy their own stuff. As for me ( I also like to shop ), I bought 1 long sleeve T-Shirt and a jacket (Both brand are Hang-Ten) and also one Esprit Shirt. After finish shopping, everyone went back with hands full bags. Before went back, I took the opportunity to took a photo of a big Teddy Bear in front of the entrance.
Cute right ???

There was nothing much to said on the following two days. Because on this two days, we spend our time on night market and shopping mall( DREAM Mall ). I remember nothing on this two days because what I only remember was shopping and shopping and also shopping. I bought a pair of Nike sneakers.

My Nike Sneakers...

The last day, Home Sweet Home. We took our flight back to Malaysia on 9.30pm. We stopped at Sabah before we fly to Kuala Lumpur International Airport. When we arrived at KLIA, its already 2.30pm. Since we are from Terengganu, we had to rush to check-in for domestic
flight back to Terengganu. Finally, we reached Terengganu at 4.30pm. Guess what I did when I arrived at Terengganu ??? I went straight to play football with my friends because I really thirst for football.

Thats all for my trip to Taiwan. Overall, its quite okay. Shopping is really nice at there because most of their stuff are quite cheap compare to those in Malaysia. Especially Nike stuff. Some of the Nike shoes can't even been found in Malaysia.

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