Friday, October 19, 2007

Introducing Myself ( Blogger Newbie )

Hell ya, its my own blog and my first post. First of all, a Special thanks to my buddy, Steven who guide all the way when i create this blog.

Now, lets me introduce myself. I am a 17 years old teenage who love to play football and watch football games. Besides, I do love to play board games such as International Chess and also Chinese Chess. I am so excited to have my own blog where I can express my feeling and share some goods with my friends. Since it already 12.15pm, so I think thats all in my first post.

~|~ PeAcE ~|~


Steven said...

Dude, I 'guide', I didn't 'guild'. Go go edit edit. Haha. Anyway, you can always try out the Page Element I mentioned. I know you have no time just now. But nvm, pagi esok woke up liao sit in front of PC, take your own sweet time to discover the shit ok? LOL. Good luck buddy!!

SayMing said...

haha.. keep iy up yea chung ! XD

Anonymous said...

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