Thursday, May 8, 2008

HaPpY MoThEr'S Day ~|~ 11/5 ~|~

Yesterday I went to Sunway Piramid with my whole "Family". If u read my previous post den u will understand wat i means my "Family". Hehehe... So, our daddy fetch all of us to Sunway Piramid by his car. A big family car. When we reach Sunway, we went to Pizza Hut to hv our lunch becoz Sai Lou [Andrew] dint eat anything the whole day yet. Den we went to buy tie at my tie. Coz daddy need a tie to suit his shirt. Mummy and yi kai jie and sei mui buy the ties for daddy bcoz his birthday coming soon. Den we went to buy our center piece we need for today restaurant pratical class. While mummy and daddy were choosing their center piece, me, yi ka jie, sei mui and sai lou went to Jusco to buy a mother's day card for mummy.

Ta Raaaaaa !!!!!! Surprise !!!!!!!!!!! Happy Mother's Day !!!!

Hahaha...A big Mother's Day card for our college mummy... Hahaha...Daddy keep laughing looking at the card...Soon it will be ur turn, daddy...haha...
Here some photos we took for yesterday...

Mummy and the card !!

The card envelop ~

~|~ Our wishes for our mummy ~|~

Mummy and all her kids [>>>Me, Lisa, Andrew, Yen Wei and Celestine]

Daddy[Sam] and Mummy[Geralyn]

Daughters and Mummy

~|~ Family Portrait ~|~

Well, thts all for our family day...hehe...

Happy Mother's Day to every mother in this world. Especially u, my beloved mother...Thank you for everything u gv me. I will make sure I will do my best to not disappoint u. I love u.

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