Friday, May 23, 2008

Today and Yesterday

Humm...Which one should I start with??? Erm...okay...lets start with yesterday since yesterday was the best day ever...haha...

It start at 2.45am in the morning...VERY EARLY in the morning...I went to watch the champion league final between Manchester United and Chelsea at a mamat store near by my house. Cristiano Ronaldo gave United the lead with a first-half header before Frank Lampard equalized just before half-time. The game remains 1-1 till the extra time. Didier Drogba was sent off in the second period of extra-time for slapping Nemanja Vidic in the face after a meaningless spat. And then the game carried on till penalty shoot out since both team did not manage to score any goal during the extra-time. Tevez took the first shoot and he score. Manchester United likely seem to lose the game when C.Ronaldo missed the penalty but then they gain their hope again when John Terry missed the penalty. Edwin Van De Sar, became the Hero of the night when he save Anelka penalty and MANCHESTER UNITED won the CHAMPION LEAGUE FINAL !!! When I reach home, its already 5.45am in the morning and I left only 1 single hour to sleep before I go to college for my first kitchen practical class.

C.Ronaldo score the first goal in the first half

F.Lampard equalized the score jz before end of half-time

Drogba was send off during the end of extra-time

Cech saved C.Ronaldo penalty shoot

Van De Sar Saved Anelka penalty shoot and Manchester gain the victory


I woke up at 7am and I took my bath. After I wore my chef uniform, I message Yen Wei whether she hv done yet, and she reply me to wait for her for another 3 minutes [Its remind me bout one of the scene in the Narnia(Prince Caspian) when the king ask for 3 minutes rest in the battle...hahaha] After 3 minutes she misscall me and then we off to college with Celes. In the kitchen, all of us had been divided into 2 person per group. Our lecturer asked us to prepare the potato soup and a vegetable salad. And not forget bout the mashed potato and some glaze. I pair with Norman in the kitchen. First we do the cutting and prepare the ingredients. Den we cooked the soup first followed by the salad. Last was the mashed potato and glazing. We suppose to cook a clear soup but it turn to be a bit dry. Well the taste was alrite...not bad at all...Over all, the mashed potato taste the best !!! Hahaha...Well I leave the rest to the we proceed to the surprise birthday celebration for Sam.

The soup, Salad and Mashed potato and the glazing.

Chef Teaching us how to do the turning and cutting

Everyone Soups and Salads and Mashed potato AND[again] Glazing of carrot

The Whole Group 4

Family Portrait

Eating Time !!!

Geralyn [Mummy] with me [My face too big in the picture!!! OMG !!!]

Sam's surprise birthday party
After we had our lunch, we worked as wat we planned earlier [planner : Geralyn, YenWei, Celes, Lisa, Chung, Andrew and Celine][Target : Sam] We separated into two team which one team [Yen wei, Celes, Lisa and Andrew] go to Secret Recipe at sunway piramid to take the cake we book earlier and another one team[Me, Geralyn and Celine] in charged to brings Sam to Geralyn's house at Ridzuan. Then Yen Wei called Geralyn to inform her tht they were outside her house and ask Sam to open the door. Sam open the door and everyone start to sing birthday's song for him. He was stunned and dunno wat to said and wat to do. Then he said :"omg! U all ar...Since when u all planned all this ar?" We jz reply him a laughed...He was so funny...LOLx...Around 4pm we went back to college coz our little sister, Celine had to go Next I proceed to another birthday party. I meet with Ivan and Meng Chun [They are my KT friends and they coming to Heng birthday's party] on the way to college. So I brought the to the 7th Floor to play pool. Of cause Sam and the rest was there too...Steven, join us soon later[He come to Heng party too] We finish play at 6 something and back to my house for Heng's birthday party.

Secret recipe Marble Cheese cake

Sam [Yen Wei and Andrew as the background]

Secret Recipe Marble Cheese cake again

Sam, the Birthday Boy

Family portrait

Sam biting the candle out of the cake

Yen Wei again with her trade mark pose...LOLx

Heng's birthday party
He doing a pizza birthday party. So he ordered 6 pieces of large pizzas with only 13 person in the house. Anyways the pizzas were finish in jz 15 minutes. Den he cut the cakes and we chit chat at the living room. They all left around 10pm.

The cake

Ewen with his cake

Pastry Class
Thts all for we continue with today...
Today, we went for our 3rd pastry class. We doing pies for today class. We divided into 3 person per group. Me, J and Andrew one team. First We washed all the tool and prepare the ingredients for the pies. Den we make our pies follow as in the recipe given to us. Well I gonna let the pictures tell u all bout the result of the pies coz I am really tired of typing this long long post...Hahaha...

Smiley ~~~

Do it looks like Jack, the king of Halloween ???

Guess whose fingers are tht ???

Yen wei with the dough...hahaha...

Me with my two

My Pie

Sam and his group pie

Our Pies in the Freeze ~~~

Everyone Pies ~~~ haha ~~~

Thts the end of this two day...continue tomolo Sam's Party...A real party tmr at his house...haha...

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