Thursday, May 1, 2008

1rst May ~~ Labour Day ~~

It is Labour Day today... So of cause I no need to go for my class [Nobody gonna be there to teach me even if I So hardworking to go for my class] Day before, my friend, Yen Wei suggested to go out together with Sam, Andrew, Lisa, Celestine and Geralyn. Everyone of us agreed with it. So 11am in the morning, we went to KTM station near to our college. We then took the train to KL Central before we switch to Monorail and went to Sungai Wang.

Sam, started to camwhore again -.-'

Andrew and Kiddo

Celes and Yen Wei

Andrew and Kiddo AGAIN !!!

We reached Sungai Wang around 12pm. Then we search for food first because almost everyone din take their breakfast [except me (had Honey Star with milk for my breakfast)] So we went to Gasoline to have our Lunch (plus breakfast for some of them). As all of u known and for those who dunno, every Gasoline branch have different theme for their shop and this Gasoline at Sungai Wang have Haunted or Horror Theme for their shop.

Logo for the Gasoline

The wallpaper for the shop [Scary huh?]

This the scariest I think...haha...

Well, We ordered our food and drinks...while wait for our food and drinks, I played Big 2 with Geralyn, Andrew and Sam. Sam won twice and I won once in the game. We stopped playing after our food and drinks arrived. After we finish eating, we play Smack Jack. We end the game with all our hand turns red. And Sam again the winner of the game...the big winner of today...

Yen Wei with her cute pose

Geralyn and Sam

Kiddo busying with his phone and Andrew with his silly smile

Lisa and Yen Wei

Yen Wei and Kiddo [P3AcE !!!]

Sam and Celestine

Kiddo and Andrew <-- --> Geralyn and Sam

Lisa and Yen Wei calculating the bill

After that, We leave Gasoline and headed to Times Square. In Time Square, we walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked like a bunch of lost kids....................................until we saw a dancing game machine[ParaParaParadise] Den the conversation start between me and Sam.

Kiddo : Hey Sam, u can dance or not ?
Sam : If u gv me RM1 den I will dance for u. [Confident]
Kiddo : Okay! [Hang the RM1 to Sam]

Sam went to change the token while I went to call the rest to watch Sam dance.
And when he started to dance...all of us were like 0.0 He is damn good ! His dance are real good... I should trust u on the beginning...T.T

Sam Dancing

Den we walked again to nowhere...den one of us suggest to get a rest place and have some refreshment. I then suggest to go to the food court. On the way to Food Court, accidentally we become a family.

Family Members
Sam ~ Daddy
Geralyn ~ Mummy
Lisa ~ Tai Kai Jie [Eldest sister]
Yen Wei ~ Yi Kai Jie [Second sister]
Kiddo ~ Sam Go [Third Brother]
Celestine ~ Sei Mui [Fourth sister]
Andrew ~ Sai Lou [Youngest brother]

I dunno how it happen and It jz happened suddenly...Hahaha...

Mummy and Daddy

Sam Go, Tai kai jie, sai lou <-- --> Yi kai jie and sei mui

Tai kai jie eating

Sai lou with his blur blur face [haha]

YI kai jie and Mummy

Sei mui and Mummy

Sam Go posing

Yi kai jie with her pose

Family Portrait
Another Family Portrait at the lift

We went back home after that...It was a enjoyable day and everyone of us enjoy ourself very much...hahaha...And WE ARE NOW ONE FAMILY!!! Oh ya, I jz notice Yen wei trade mark pose...look properly in the picture above and look for those got Yen Wei picture one...haha...PEACE !!!

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