Tuesday, December 15, 2009

3 day 2 night to Melaka !!!

Went for a trip to Melaka with Josh, Sam, Jay, Mervyn and Charlie last Friday.. suppose to start our journey at 11am but end up at 1pm... haha~ Malaysian's timing~ Anyways, reach Melaka quite late to have chicken rice as lunch, so we change to have our high-tea with pork satay!!!

Pork Satay with special peanut sauce+ketupat+cucumber

After that we went for cendul ice somewhere near the Red House. During night we plan to have some nyonya food but the shop was close so we change to eat wantan mee!!! Very delicious wantan mee!

Cendul Ice

Curry Wantan Mee (Out of ordinary)

After dinner we went to the famous street in Melaka... Jonker Street!!!

The Jonker Street

Guess what Me, Josh and Sam bought???
Wooden Gun!!!

We end our night with supper at the mamak stall~

Steven, who joined us at the Jonker street and supper~

The next day we woke up around 12pm... instead having chicken rice we went to have 'mee goreng'... Melaka special fried noodle as our breakfast+lunch. Guest what?? Charlie asked us to add white vinegar into the fried mee before we eat it...
At first we felt wierd bout it but after we tasted the fried mee with the vinegar, WOW!!! Wonderful taste! Beside the fried mee, their toasted bum with butter and kaya also taste really good!

Fried Mee with white Vinegar

Toasted Bum with butter and kaya

After our brunch we went to cc to play CS since we got 6 of us~ Later at night we went to eat the Melaka famous Satay Celup!!!

Satay celup!!

Let's CELUP!!!

After dinner we went back to Jonker street to have some drinks. Charlie leave earlier to joined his friends birthday. So we went for our supper without him. We went to have Dry Prawn Mee and Asam Laksa+Cendul ice somewhere in the Jonker street~ The asam laksa damn delicious and the prawn mee soup is seriously nice! (Backside tear the next morning for eating spicy and sour food after beer)

12 Bottle of beers~

Dry Prawn Mee~

Cendul Ice

We actually plan to have dimsum for breakfast but all of us woke up late and so only chicken rice for our brunch~ After chicken rice we went to walk around to buy some souvenir to brought home~

Chicken Rice ball with Steam white Chicken

Sticky rice ball with Tender juicy chicken!!!

That's end our Melaka trip~ and definitely we will be going to Melaka again~


Some Random shot~

The 6 Batangs~

In Charlie's house~

Mervyn and Charlie

This happen when you give wantan mee to monkey (They just want a Banana)

I'm too HUNGRY!!!

Saw this ???

Mari mari... selling backside~ haha~ (From left Mervyn, Josh, Me, Sam)

The stall where we ate asam laksa and prawn mee~

Eye On Malaysia~

I am so boring~ haha~

~Thanks to Sam for all the photos~

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