Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas is just around the corner!!!

Christmas is coming!!! Haha~ everyone love Christmas~ I remember the first time I celebrated Christmas was during 2007 after SPM. A whole big group of us travel from KT all the way to Bukit Bintang just to celebrate Christmas... Haha~ Stayed in Fortunal Hotel in Bukit Bintang... And we bump into a lot of others KT friends which so happen to stay there as well... its like the little KT town there~ Anyways, tht was past and something worth to be remember forever...

Now this year I gonna celebrate my Christmas in my hometown... I do wish to celebrate here but I can't stop myself from missing my family, my mum, my two little brothers and the fresh air in my hometown... Haha~ At least I feel more relaxing in my hometown...

Humm... who gonna be there??? Oh ya~ I gonna visit my best friend, Priyaa since she gonna shift to Kuantan this 25th December... ya on Christmas day itself... I had not been meeting her since 2 years ago... Oh God I miss her a lot~

What else I wan to do in my hometown??? I think gonna finish up my psr report as well... haha~

Oh... how bout some research on all the alcohol beverages??? Maybe I will create some new modern cocktail recipes~ I love to mix~ miX mIX MIX!!! I still need some bar equipments... What I need??? I need a bar spoon, strainer, muddle and bla bla bla~ I feel like flying to Singapore cause I heard they sell all this bar equipment quite cheap compare to what we have here... 1 day... 1 day... the day will come~ haha~

I will in KT for Christmas so anyone want join me??? haha~ maybe will just end up sleeping in my house~ LOLx~

Humm... post this crap just to kill my bored~ dun think its work~ haha~ see ya~

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