Monday, December 14, 2009

I am BACK !!!!!!!!

Hello folksssssssssssssssss~ haha~ I just came back from my trip to Malacca~

Ya ya.. I finished my exam 3 days ago and trip to Malacca is like an after exam party...

Well I not going to post much about my trip to Malacca... not now cause I need to get the photos from sam and josh...

So what I gonna talk here???

How about we start with my very late P.A post???

As we all know... My P.A is to organise an event about food promotion... And to organise an event we have to divide our jobs... Since it about food so we have restaurant and kitchen department. For Restaurant part we start with the Restaurant manager and her assistant and so on and so on~ And for kitchen we will have Head chef with his three assistants and his crews...

And who is the head chef??? Oh ya... its ME !!! haha~ Well honestly, I don't really want to be in the kitchen at the first place... what I want is to be in bar because I really like it... anyways, since they choose me to be in the kitchen and lead the whole kitchen team, I take up the job...

From the beginning till the end, I trying my best to reach my limit and do the best I can do... but I found out that I can't... something wrong in me... Yes... And I'm happy that I found out what's wrong with me 3 weeks back... At here again, I want to said Thank You to my kitchen team who gv a lot of support through out the whole event and they really impressed me with the result during tht night... and from tht day, I changed my view on them... and I and sorry to everyone because I failed to do my best tru out the whole event...

Okay... let cut down all the emotional speak... and proceed to the event from the very beginning to the end!!! haha~

Start with meetingsssssssss... I post only 1 photo on meeting cause its always looks almost the same.. haha~

Wow!! Everyone is paying attention!!!

Then on that day itself... the beautiful decoration in the restaurant!!!

Thanks to Decoration Team!!!!

Not to forget the cute little centre pieces on our tablessss~

Ooo.. Cute teddy..

Omg!!! Toadily Toad~

wo wo wo~ dun miss out our professional service staffs too~

Beautiful costumes~

Go go go!!!

Oppsss... almost forgot about my own kitchen team.. sorry~ haha~

LOL!!! Seem like my assistant chef is happy with his peace pose~

Serious time~

Why so serious??? =.=!checking food presentation lar!!!

We work as a team!!!

Touch of Perfection~

Fantastic night right~ haha~

Connection damn slow... Its took me total of 1 and a half hour to upload the pictures~

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