Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dancing Princess Violet

Today... oppss.. Yesterday I had my last FnB practical class in term5. During applied tech class, we need to present our own personal cocktail. So now let me proudly present to you all the "Dancing Princess Violet"!!!

Before that, let me introduce something about my cocktail. It is a perfect concoction of (30ml)Dry Gin, (30ml)Light Rum, (30ml)Triple Sec, (60ml)Ribena, (20ml)Lime juice and lastly top up with (90ml to 120ml)sprite~ Method used is shake and direct pour... Shake all the ingredients(except sprite) and pour into a tall glass then top up with sprite~

The Lemon symbolised the blond hair of the princess while the mint leaf symbolised the princess's emerald tiara.

It could be nicer if I can use higher glass such as hurricane glass or maybe bamboo glass but bamboo glass with be a little be too tall... need to increase the measurement for the ingredient if use bamboo glass... A collins glass will be the best choice~

Dancing Princess Violet

Color could be nicer if the glass use is higher... Will give white sparkling effect on top with violet base which symbolised a beautiful princess in her violet dress, silky blond hair and shining Emerald Tiara~

And that my cocktail of my own... before this cocktail, I make one cocktail once... I think I used gin as well with campari, Monin caramel syrup, and top up with passion fruit juice... I think thts all the ingredients I had used... should try it again in future...

Tht all... I gonna gone to my bed now~ haha~ goodnight everyone~

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